Destiny 2 Players in Northeast Report Major Connection Issues

While a sizable portion of Destiny 2 players will be able to experience the new Black Armory expansion that launched the other day, there’s a subset who cannot. Rather than new forge activity and the Scourge of history raid, these players have already been met with error code after error code, to the issue it is really hurting their experience.

In the Northeastern part of the Usa, Destiny 2 players have struggled gain access to the experience since the launch of Black Armory on December 4th. Error codes like grape and fig have booted these players back to orbit and possibly locked them away from activities. There were a number of forum posts with disgruntled players inside the Northeast US explaining their plight and seeking a resolution, but no response. Any Bungie Twitter post is filled with replies highlighting the mistake codes and requesting a version of a fix well , acknowledgment.

Game Rant reader Alex S. shared his expertise in these errors, including getting temporary bans from Gambit for quitting a match. Needless to say, Alex never quit any match; he simply got booted here we are at orbit by a slip-up code. Getting disconnected from a match is one area but being banned (even temporarily) is adding insult to injury.

No doubt it’s a frustrating situation for a large number of america. It’s unclear why the Northeast is affected, specifically, but it really does look like a concern for Comcast subscribers over others. Alex resides in Massachusetts but they are one amongst many that are trying to get Bungie’s attention if not Bungie, Comcast.

Luckily, Bungie has finally acknowledged the matter, or at least three error codes: fig, grape, and elderberry. However, doesn’t necessarily seem just like a fix is coming later today, when Bungie launches the Dawning update due to its annual holiday event. So, those players affected are unlikely to take pleasure from the event or collect many of the holiday-themed loot it provides.

There a few solutions, though, including port forwarding and creating DMZ host for any router. But workarounds aren’t going to be for everybody plus they won’t remain successful.

Hopefully, Bungie can resolve the grape, fig, and elderberry errors quickly, in order that these Destiny 2 players can enjoy the Black Armory content that they paid for. Regardless of anything else you’ll want to maintain a spotlight for this issue and let others realise that they aren’t alone.

Destiny 2: Black Armory can be acquired mobile phone . PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Thanks to Alex S. to the tip.

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