Batman Voice Actor Thinks Arkham Series Could Continue

About last year, the veteran Batman voice actor, Kevin Conroy, stated that Rocksteady Studios didn’t have additional plans for more Arkham games at that point on time, which dashed the expectations of many a Dark Knight fan to get a possible return to the series. Despite this, Conroy recently mentioned that he or she believes you will still find potential ways that they the Caped Crusader could continue to exist from the Arkham universe.

As welcomed in a reaction to a devotee on Twitter who declared that they presume Rocksteady is effectively over and done with using Bruce Wayne as Batman, Conroy chimed within declare that he “can bring to mind methods to have Bats still evolve from the Arkham world”. Although the voice actor didn’t expound upon his statement, the mere fact that he spoke up regarding the series led to myriad fans responding using own theories as to the Arkham-verse could go through the Dark Knight for the helm.

I don’t know-.I’ll see methods of have Bats still evolve inside Arkham world

– Kevin Conroy (@RealKevinConroy) December 9, 2018

For people who have been out of your loop on Batman video game news nowadays, we have witnessed multiple rumors flying around that time toward prospective titles concentrating on earth’s Greatest Detective in the whole shebang. One of them of these scuttlebutt left an up to date tease from an Assistant Producer at WB Games Montreal that hinted within the chance for there becoming a Court of Owls project in development. Needless to say, it’s too quickly to inform tips indeed the truth, significantly less if the game would be also from the Arkham series.

There is plenty of hearsay designed for Batman’s potential involvement inside of a Justice League title, with another rumor linked to WB Games Montreal inferring the reason is next project involves co-op mechanics, and will revolve around the DC Comics super team. Naturally, this speculation has been unsubstantiated thus far, but Conroy has previously stated that he’d “love” to execute a Justice League game.

Taking this all into consideration, we will can simply wait and find out what’s in the cards for the Batman title, and if it’s going to always be connected to the Arkham-verse by any means whatsoever. Rocksteady Studios has yet to verify or deny that this Dark Knight is a portion of the reasoning focusing on, but we perform be aware that Superman is not developer’s next game.

The most current entry from the Arkham series is Batman: Arkham Knight, which is intended for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Kevin Conroy C Twitter

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