Sony Introduces Cloud Remote for PS4

PlayStation 4 users trying to optimize their set-up will be willing to learn that the revolutionary Cloud Remote brings new advantages to steaming media. Through partnership with PDP, the easy to apply remote auto-detects devices linked to the PS4 for convenient programming. Programming the remote is a straightforward process over the downloadable PDP Cloud Remote app. A compressed design brings all the necessary buttons towards the remote so users have everything else but they want in the palm with their hand (or in-between couch cushions).

The Cloud Remote brings other advantages to the PS4 experience in the process. Found in these benefits are controls for power, input and volume for TVs. It is easy to attach features allow users to sync it thus to their PS4 via Bluetooth so as to control their console. It even includes many of the important controller buttons with regard to navigation. Fans wanting to buy a Cloud Remote gets an extra of an 30-day risk free of your PlayStation Vue Core plan by purchasing the Remote at GameStop or Amazon. While this offers are valid to new users only, it can bring 65 channels of live TV to your PS4. This officially licensed product will likely be intended for $29.99 as well as being now pre-orderable through PDP’s website, along with the aforementioned retailers. The Cloud Remote will be available September 1.



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