Cod: WWII’s Season of Content Closes with Shadow War

The final DLC map pack for Cod: WWII concerns PS4 following August.

Call of Duty: WWII’s season of content ends with Map Pack 4, Shadow War. Like with previous WWII map packs, Shadow War incorporates three multiplayer maps, a different War Mode mission, as well as latest chapter in the Nazi Zombies storyline. According to the timed exclusivity deal between Activision and Sony, the DLC launches first on PS4.

Here’s an explanation on the new maps:

  • Airship –?Set in an enemy perfectly located at the Alps, players fight for domination over a docked zeppelin.
  • Chancellery –?Nazi forces have captured a French Chancellery with Allied forces launching unexpected assault during the dead of night.
  • Excavation –?The enemy has stockpiled priceless art and gold within an Algerian mine. Go ahead and take battle deep into your caverns to recapture these precious items.
  • Operation Arcane –?The new War Mode mission, Allied Forces grab the fight to an attacker research facility in Austria. Infiltrate the lab, steal Nazi secrets, and destroy classified technology.

Finally, the Nazi Zombies story ends with the final chapter inside saga, Frozen Dawn. Our heroes contain the Sword of Barabossa, nevertheless it didn’t stay away from the undead threat. Early evil rests inside depth of Thule, and they’ll have got to defeat it to get along the undead threat forever.

Call of Duty: WWII – Shadow War is out August 28 on PS4. It’ll launch on Xbox One and PC the following.

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