Darksiders III Unleashes More Fury in New Gamescom Trailer

It still feels a bit odd that it’s been six whole years ever since the last Darksiders game. But regardless, we’re still incredibly happy that Darksiders III is along the way now, able to deliver more metal-esque action. So that as we run up to the game’s release later this current year, THQ Nordic released a whole new trailer for Gamescom, that you can take a look at below. Of course, fans within the previous games should hopefully be pleased with what developers Gunfire Games accomplish here.

Delivering a greater portion of our new lead character Fury (and featuring cameos by War and Death), an ominous voice addresses her. Questioning her, even, over whether she will defeat the Seven Deadly Sins by herself. Throughout this, we alternate between gameplay shots of Fury in working order and showcases of the game’s surprisingly colorful world and cast. Also in involves, it appears that Fury’s whip is very ample for things, as she stays in town on enemies. It’s some rather intense and fun fantasy action, and we’ll understand how it handles later this year. Darksiders III hits PC, XB1, and PS4 on November 27, so always get ready for a fiery onslaught then.

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