Persona’s Futaba Sakura Nendoroid Figure Up for Pre-Order

The entire Persona series was a hit since its debut. However, Persona 5 took it into a new level. A handful of character have gotten several figures and collectibles after that and already a brand new addition has been announced. Pre-orders are open through Goodsmile Company to your genius hacker– Futaba Sakura.

This particular item may come as a delightful sort of the already very cute confidant. She’s got a few different faces to convey different emotions. Her jacket, boots and headphones are typically represented in great detail. A few couple of accessories included including food, a keyboard for hacking along with a miniature Morgana.

Pre-orders for Futaba are open from July 5 to August 9. However, the particular figure won’t come in available until December with this year. Check her out below and view the a way to put your order!

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