Dead Island Just Reanimated Being a Tower Defense Mobile Game

Dead Island Survivors Logo

We’re still awaiting an update for the alleged sequel to the 2011 first-person, survival-horror Dead Island, originally developed by Techland and provided by Deep Silver — Sumo Digital having bought out development duty way back to early 2016 following your insolvency of previous developers Yager Productions and Techland having obviously moved onto their own [then] new IP, Dying Light. Meanwhile, Deep Silver got a surprise announcement by today unveiling the series’ latest, risen form: a mobile spin-off generally known as Dead Island: Survivors.

Survivors is basically a free-to-play, tower defense game billed being an Action RPG, that’s described further as “content-rich” and “made with soul mate for your genre”, though suffice to convey — on its cinematic trailer alone — its a far-cry, visually, by reviewing the debut roots which aimed for the more grittier, realistic method of the zombie craze seven yrs ago. Upon closer inspection during the app store, the overall game truly does feature in-app purchases from new characters to new items/weapons as well as cosmetic skins for said items and weapons. Observe how a good deal of visual replace the series has undergone within the trailer which you could view below. Dead Island: Survivors is accessible to download for both iOS and Android devices.

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