Meteos Shares his Side of your 100 Thieves FlyQuest Trade

Right following week 3 of the NA LCS everyone discovered that 100 Thieves Jungler William “Meteos” Hartman were being traded to FlyQuest for Andy “AnDa” Hoang.

Since this news broke the trade has up much of this weeks news regarding League of Legends. We’ve heard a certified statement by 100 Thieves with what happened, now Meteos introduced to YouTube to tell his side of things and where he’s going we are able to.

From Meteos’ perspective, he was told by the end of week 2 which the team can be working with??? “Levi” Duy Khnh and?Brandon “Brandini” Chen for your Rift Rivals tournament, which had been a change that this team had been looking to generate a long time. Not so sure whether this was a perpetual thing or a test to the org. Meteos requested permission to talk to other teams.

According to Meteos, he planned to check if there was interest business teams, however, not that she dreamed of being traded initially. He just wanted to understand what options there were. So 100 Thieves agreed and promised to ascertain the best outcome for those parties involved. A week later, following the games on Sunday, Meteos was approached via the COO of 100 Thieves, John Robinson, and was told that she was traded and the man should get out of the 100 Thieves house the first thing our next morning.

That’s the short than me. There is no the complete video below.

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