Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few Will likely be Bought from Australia All things considered

Last month, the Australian Classification Board — which handles ratings for entertainment sold within the country — refused classification thereby the sale of Compulsion Games’ upcoming title, We Happy Few, deeming the fact that in-game medicinal “Joy”, that produces the inhabitants of Wellington Wells to keep in a very happy/blissfully-ignorant perspective, classed as “drug misuse”. Naturally the developer raised an catch the attention of the board as well as then, it’s all been up in the atmosphere on whether the sport would get yourself a shot about the supposed Aussie shelves.

Well the best thing is that after deliberation, Compulsion Games have confirmed that individuals Happy Few can be permitted to take sale in the country. As they quite simply haven’t gone into much detail for the appeal, the developers have stated which they “joined lots of effort to acquire this decision overturned”. The adventure will now employ a R18+ rating for all of aussie. A press release on the board itself reads: “In the Classification Review Board’s opinion, We Happy Few warrants an R18+ classification as the interactive drug abuse has elevated levels of impact. The actual impact in the classifiable elements while in the video wasn’t in excess of high.” This can be needless to say ignoring the belief that players aren’t essential to consider the previously-mentioned Joy to experiment with the video game in that it’s entirely optional as being a selectable item.

We Happy Few releases for PS4, Xbox One & PC on August 10.

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