Psychonauts 2 Coming in 2019

It would’ve taken great and bad a Psychonaut with precognition to understand that Double Fine Productions  would show the main trailer for Psychonauts 2 along at the Game Awards 2018. Fans happen to be surprised, and absolutely thrilled, to find out the earliest real consider the game in addition to a new release window.

The original Psychonauts released instruction online 2005 as well as sequel wasn’t announced until several years later. No information about the experience, for instance plot or setting, continues to be released, plus the only clue by what the game would look was through Psychonauts while in the Rhombus of Ruin, the VR adventure title that released during the past year. All of the changed, however, since the first Psychonauts 2 trailer displays these important details nicely, and is also brimming with a lot of the humor and weirdness the series is renowned for.

The story accumulates following the events of the primary game and Rhombus of Ruin. Raz, the talented acrobat with psychic powers, has achieved his lifelong imagine joining the Psychonauts. In accordance with the trailer, Raz will spend considerable time beside the Motherlobe, the headquarters with the Psychonauts. Unfortunately, he’ll ensure directly to work sniffing out a mole and dealing with powerful psychic villains. To do this, Raz has to explore the good reputation for the business and his own family’s past for answers.

The trailer comes with new and returning characters, new environments, and new enemies, and so the sequel is apparently expanding the Psychonauts world tremendously. What’s more, the overall game also looks fantastic. Those that crowdfunded Psychonauts 2 will be pleased to see their investment was worth the cost.

Unfortunately, it provides a pretty wide release window of 2019. No one should expect Double Fine to slim that down soon. However, the studio should announce more detail over the game while in the coming months, and audiences may see another trailer or two in the time in the process.

Psychonauts 2 is scheduled to produce on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One inch 2019.

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