No Man’s Sky Dev’s A final Campfire Debuts at The Game Awards

Hello Games has had a very busy year, releasing frequent patches and big content updates for the 2016 game No Man’s Sky. Now, the developers have The overall game Awards just as one possibility for share a statement trailer for the new project, The Last Campfire.

The Last Campfire is a puzzle adventure game where players will assume the function of the lost Ember who is “searching for meaning including a way home.” The sport will ask players to traverse a “puzzling palace,” discovering  “a beautiful wilderness stuffed with lost folk, strange creatures and mysterious ruins” en route.

While the game’s reveal trailer would not give a lot of detail, it will do showcase The Last Campfire‘s striking art style, which may turn a handful of heads.

The studio is talking about The Last Campfire to be a “Hello Games Short,” in fact it is understandable the game is not really that will rival No Man’s Sky in scale, as things are being handled by simply two Hello Games employees: Steve Burgess and Chris Symonds. Before joining Hello Games, Burgess and Symonds worked on LostWinds, and while The Last Campfire appears as being a very different game, the distinct art style may remind a number of this 2008 platformer.

Hello Games founder Sean Murray sheds some light on The Last Campfire‘s tiny team, comparing the circumstances to the next of a Pixar video clip in its try and “foster creativity and new voices within the studio.” Murray elaborates further:

We started through Joe Danger, before No Man’s Sky, and we would like to pay forward our success to grant others the chance to carry out same. I’m so proud which simply two of our company has long been creating something so artistically interesting, but also so fun as well as to learn. It jogs my memory of why I adore working at Hello Games.

As stated, almost no concrete details is usually gleaned through the trailer showcased along at the Game Awards, not just what platforms The Last Campfire are going to be released on or gets hotter arrive. However, this mysterious first look is certain to go away some players eagerly expecting more.

The Last Campfire is set in development for unspecified consoles.

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