Devil May Cry 5 Xbox One Exclusive Demo Confirmed via Leak

Devil May Cry 5 will share a whole new gameplay trailer tonight on the Game Awards 2018, confirmed due to trailer leaking early via the Xbox Portugal Facebook page. The trailer was pulled fast, turning it into difficult to share, but alongside a clip is really a fun news. Today we receive an extended Devil May Cry 5 gameplay trailer and tomorrow fans may go through Devil May Cry 5‘s gameplay individually.

According towards the trailer, a demo for Devil May Cry 5 might be released on Friday, December 7. There aren’t any official details yet about the demo, though some could be shared during or once the Game Awards, there’s an important issue worth mentioning C the demo might be Xbox One exclusive. In line with the reveal, simply the Xbox One will gain access to this initial Devil May Cry 5 demo, at the least initially.

Considering Devil May Cry 5 doesn’t launch until March of 2019, a demo being delivered so early is surprising. The implication looks like it’s that Microsoft is covering a promotional partnership or something along those lines and this an upmarket demo was a part of the deal. Considering how amazing the game looked inside the leaked trailer, though, this will probably sting for excited fans without an Xbox.

Without entering into detail in connection with leaked trailer itself, which are better served to use own article when the official trailer is reached fully available, it lets you do available certain opportunities for any demo. Not just were Dante and Nero showed to get playable, but in addition still another character: V. The skinny, slow-moving character and the raven companion have a wide array of unique skills unlike that surrounding another characters. With his reveal, the brand new demo may in a range of different directions and invite players to relax and play three unique and different characters.

Expect to get more information about Devil May Cry 5 and demo throughout the Game Awards 2018, which starts today at 5:30 pm PT. Download the Devil May Cry 5 demo on Xbox One tomorrow.

Devil May Cry 5 releases March 8 for your PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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