Hideo Kojima to Skip The sport Awards

Hideo Kojima has become the more enigmatic creators in the game world, and much questions remain unanswered for his forthcoming game Death Stranding. Many fans of the developer were planning to learn new more knowledge about the work tonight at The Game Awards, but it appears that Kojima will not be in attendanceCor at the least says he will not be.

In an article on Twitter, Kojima congratulated The video game Awards founder and host Geoff Keighley, wishing him luck on the program, and apologizing that he or she couldn’t help it become this coming year. Kojima skipping the presentation is actually surprising, as he’s a key determine the industry and even took home the Icon award on the 2016 show. Needless to say, a developer of his stature that has a game as coveted as Death Stranding on the way in which is clearly very busy, then it would make sense that other pursuits take priority over an awards show.

Good luck with your show tomorrow, Geoff! Sorry I couldn’t choose this time!#TheGameAwards https://t.co/APPqcd9bFT

– HIDEO_KOJIMA (@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN) December 6, 2018

That said, though, it is Hideo Kojima, probably the most complex developers on the market. Being successful the possibility that they have any reveal planned for the show and easily hopes to cut chance it being spoiled. Although Kojima isn’t there, it certainly isn’t hard to imagine some additional details about Death Stranding being announced tonight, as it still isn’t specific precisely what the game will be about.

Should Kojima be a no-show, The video game Awards should have a ton of new reveals, teases, and information regarding upcoming and unannounced games and keep gamers sated. Many major companies are already teasing new games for weeks prior to the event, including Nintendo, who offers sort of Metroid news slated for any event.

The show kicks off tonight at 5:30 pm and is worth looking at for virtually any gamers looking to discover how their most favorite titles of the year stack up against the other. 2018 was loaded with major Triple-A games and stellar indies, so there’s likely to end up a lot of emotion one of several show’s attendees, although Kojima isn’t present.

The Game Awards 2018 might be broadcast today, Thursday, December 6, at 9:00 PM EST, that has a pre-show starting at 8:30 PM EST.

Source: Hideo Kojima C Twitter

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