Far Cry: New Dawn Box Art Leaks Well before Game Awards

On Wednesday, the official Far Cry franchise’s social networking account surprisingly says a fresh game is announced while in the Game Awards 2018. It seems like an extra reveal has become available prior to a beginning of the show, though this is totally unintentional.

Introducing Far Cry: New Dawn, which definitely seems to be the subsequent major release during the Far Cry franchise. The new title is currently known mainly because that the box art was leaked accidentally just before its official announcement.

Media organizations, likely under embargo, have presumably been preparing articles covering a lot of the announcements planned for tonight’s The overall game Awards 2018. One organization, suspected to remain France’s JeuxVideo, accidentally published a photo of  Far Cry: New Dawn‘s box art publicly as opposed to privately. By this, the earliest confirmation within the new game’s title along with its two potential antagonists happen to be leaked. Certainly, there’s clearly a lot more left to reveal.

Far Cry: New Dawn‘s box art itself is loaded with detail. Yesterday’s advertising and marketing teaser reveal hinted at plenty already, along with the game’s post-apocalypse setting, to ensure shouldn’t be a very good surprise. Nevertheless, though, the box art builds off of the details already known. The 2 presumed antagonists are juxtaposed before a captive prisoner who is tied to the top of a wrecked car which consists of front-end stuck in the ground. Surrounding them is undoubtedly an environment reminiscent of Far Cry 5 featuring its churches and farm silos, plus an selection of pink wildflowers that can or is probably not regarding Bliss.

Beyond the characters themselves, the garments they’re wearing, the weapons they wield, as well as vehicles seen down the edges are noteworthy. Some weapons are rather basic antiques, rusted or aged eventually, and some are crafted creations with hand-made bayonets or even an altogether new saw-blade crossbow. The vehicles, a motorcycle around the left including a truck/SUV to the right, channel Mad Max‘s road warrior aesthetic.

More news regarding Far Cry: New Dawn is certain to be shown tonight while in the Game Awards 2018. Expect the latest trailer and much more information to shed via social media marketing soon. The video game Award 2018 airs at 5:30 pm PT all of which will likely run for a number of hours.

Far Cry: New Dawn does not have any current release window or announced platforms.

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