Below Gets Release Date, New Trailer

The long-awaited dungeon crawler from Capybara games, Below finally has stuck its launch date. Inside an official press release, the developers announced the game are going to be hitting PC and console only at the Xbox One on December 14.

Below was initially announced made use of in 2013, but has gotten its release date delayed a couple of times. Despite earning accolades anytime Capy displayed just what it had produced at this point, the business eventually decided it would be far better to stop giving updates on release dates until it has a ultimate decision.

Until september, the final time anyone heard about Below was back 2016 when Capybara announced it becomes postponed indefinitely. The action later reemerged at E3 when the company’s head, Nathan Vella, said it would indeed be launching in 2018.

In to celebrate the hard release date, the firm also released a completely new trailer for Below. While in the footage, it offers viewers an even better feel for whatever they can anticipate on gameplay.

The question presenting to generally be no matter if Below can potentially live up to the hype that’s surrounded it given it had been announced in 2013. For everyone nervous about the project falling wanting expectations, it’s important to keep in mind that Capybara has were create high-quality games like Super Time Force and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP.

While neither of those titles came all around approaching the anticipation degrees of Below, both of them are generally regarded as high-quality games that put an original new spin for both the design and feel of well-tread genres. Success to the impending release still isn’t guaranteed, but Capybara has a qualifications that would alleviate some concerns of quality killing the official details reveals its newest project.

Below is set to liberate on December 14, 2018, for PC and Xbox One.

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