5 Fast Takeaways From Cyberpunk 2077's Gameplay Reveal

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5 Fast Takeaways From Cyberpunk 2077’s Livestream

Fluid Class Design


Unlike Cyberpunk 2077’s pen-and-paper source material, the game will not feature binary class choices. Instead, CD Projekt Red insists on using a “fluid class system” permitting players to switch their character instantly. Similar to Witcher 3’s branching upgrade trees, Cyberpunk 2077 may allow players to accumulate skills and upgrades originating from a range of disciplines.

The classes found in Cyberpunk 2020 were numerous, involving original traits for instance corporate, tech runner, rocker boy, etc. Because the game moves on, a player’s preference for weapons, mods, and upgrades will organically define their class, likely around similar lines with the original RPG.

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