SuperData Studies suggest Fortnite Has died its Peak, Revenue Growth Drops

The rise in popularity of Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale has completely reshaped motion picture gaming landscape in the last 12 months, but using the latest SuperData research, its revenue growth is beginning to slow substantially.

Drawing on SuperData’s latest findings, CNBC reported that Fortnite’s revenue growth had slowed recently, with SuperData suggesting that the game’s peak maybe behind it. Fortnite’s revenue grew just 2% between June and July, down from 32% between March and April and 71% between February and March. That continually declining growth is despite Epic releasing a whole new battle pass -the progression system which adds various challenges towards the game to inspire player engagement.

Notably, in another potentially concerning drop-off for Epic Games, Fortnite has fallen from # 1 to number two perfect Twitch, based on TwitchMetrics. DOTA 2 has brought its place because the most watched game on the streaming service.

CNBC notes the reason behind the decline across both revenue and twitch viewership numbers isn’t clear. Whether it’s a case of Fortnite fatigue or a tiring of your battle royale mode. If either those scenarios were the case, it wouldn’t bode well for big upcoming autumn releases just like Activision’s Cod Black Ops 4 and EA’s Battlefield V, that are fitted with both invested in similar multiplayer modes.

What Fortnite has had been achieve, however, is really a potentially lasting influence on some corner of your market:?teen gamers. July’s NPD report confirms that games rated for teens everyone grew 22%, in which the research firm attributes largely to Fortnite.

Author: Alex Gibson

Alex has a BA in Political Science and English Writing, but he’s yet another self-proclaimed background and meteorological expert. He loves cyberpunk and fantasy, and RPGs are types of his thing too.

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