NBA 2K Disables “Gambling” Elements to Adhere to Laws in Netherlands, Belgium

2K Games has now announced that some components of its MyTeam game modes for the NBA 2K series shall be disabled to be able to adhere to the modern gambling laws enforced in Netherlands and Belgium.?2K is complying towards the laws enforced in Netherlands and Belgium separately.

For netherlands, 2K will block accessibility Auction House, a marketplace where gamers can auction MyTeam cards that were earned as a reward through in-game progression or purchased with either in-game money or premium currency. In accordance with the interpretation of Netherland’s legislators, making items based on purchasable loot boxes transferable in NBA 2K is a violation of their total gambling laws.

2K Games stated that your team disagrees together with the decision produced by legislators while in the Netherlands. “I will be continuing conversations with the Kansspelautoriteit so that you can explain our sight on how NBA 2K along with the Auction House already conform to local laws,” wrote 2K Games inside a statement. “If you agree, it is recommended that you get hold of your local government representative to convey your opinion. We can retain the community posted on any developments. We apologize to get a inconvenience.”

Meanwhile, 2K Games is disabling the option to purchase MyTeam packs through VC, the game’s premium currency. Purchasing MyTeam packs from the in-game currency, MyTeam points, it is still possible at the tables. This move was done by 2K as soon as the Belgium Gaming Commission arrived at your decision that NBA 2K violated its gambling laws because of loot box method to MyTeam packs.

2K Games also believes it really is NBA 2K series is compliant with Belgian’s gambling laws. “We are continuing conversations using the BGC to be able to explain our look at how NBA 2K and MyTeam pack purchases already adhere to local laws,” stated 2K Games. When you agree, it is recommended that you speak to your city representative to speak your opinion. I will keep community posted on any developments. We apologize to get a inconvenience.”

These changes come in the wake of last year’s loot box controversy, with EA’s Gi joe Battlefront 2 sparking outrage for its “predatory” way of microtransactions. Ever since, a variety of video game titles have dropped loot boxes completely.

Author: Matthew Gatchalian

After graduating from journalism, Matthew pursued his dream to create about game titles. When he is not playing video games to produce interesting articles, he’s seeking to clear his huge gaming backlog, which he’ll never accomplish because the Witcher 3.

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