5 Ways Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Is Different From Dark Souls

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FromSoftware’s newest action RPG obtained care of but it may be prior to you thought. Releasing March 22, 2019, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is, in some ways, an evolution of the beloved Souls series. By just looking at it, it’s likely you’ll take note of the inspiration from Dark Souls. The comparisons could possibly be inevitable, but Sekiro can also be not the same as the Souls series. Since Gamescom is this week, we’ve gotten a large number of new info regarding FromSoftware’s upcoming title and there is a lot to repay.


Ways Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Is Different From Dark Souls

One of Sekiro’s noticably features will be the inclusion of your grappling hook which can be utilized to traverse environmental surroundings. There is a a sense of verticality that enables players to zip around and employ height recommended to their advantage. Dark Souls has some semblance of verticality, but Sekiro takes this to new heights (pun intended). You are free to grapple up to and including platform and drop down onto an enemy to deal massive damage, just as the plummet attacks from Dark Souls. However, doing this more freely will introduce some added strategy designed to encourage players to choose and pick their positioning when initiating a fight.

It will also mean the fact that hook could be used to narrow the gap between along with an opponent, bringing even more strategy into play. Certain situations are involved, like showing up in enemy a couple of times, zipping away to recover and after that grappling back for a couple of more strikes. It’s really a fresh inclusion that may result in a number of playstyles and we’re curious to observe the many other ways the grappling hook might be used.

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