7 Confusing Online game Plots We Still Don't Really Understand

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Final Fantasy VIII

7 Confusing Video gaming Plots We Still Don’t Really Understand

The Final Fantasy series has always been full of one of the most outrageous stories in gaming history, but few can compare to Final Fantasy VIII. The sport centers around a grouping of young military students plus a rebellious teenage girl who founded her very own resistance group. What commences for a coup d’etat to overthrow an evil government soon gets a major twist and suddenly delves into magic, sorcery, main character switches, and alternate dimensions. Blend time-traveling along with a heavy dose of romance, so you?have yourself the single most confusing plots in Final Fantasy history.

Final Fantasy VIII is actually a classy pot that’s brewing with some other ideas, whether or not they mesh well or not. While you might have felt that your twelfth grade rival was the leading enemy, evidently , it turned out this sorceress you never even met instead. Go forward to your disc later, plus the game suddenly reveals it was subsequently another completely different witch merely pulling the strings all along. All that said, Final Fantasy VIII still stands as having the most memorable romances in game history despite the confusing plot surrounding it.

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Author: Irwyn Diaz

A B.S. Psychology graduate who enjoys games with rich lore and storytelling. He’s and a diehard Final Fantasy fan who cannot stop playing Opera Omnia.

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