11 Old-Timey Words Dark Souls Taught Us

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11 Old-Timey Words Dark Souls Taught Us

It isn’t a surprise which the old-fashioned medieval fantasy realm of the Souls series uses words that area of the common vernacular used today. To build an even more believable world in Dark Souls, the writers needed to search hard and use words that will make sense besides to the terrifying world they built, as well as the mysterious characters themselves.

The Xanthous King Jeremiah is usually a dark spirit who could invade your game while into the Painted Arena of Ariamis. His form from the game glows a reddish-brown and then he has a rather large mummified head. As he has got the title of king, no one is certain which kingdom he leads or where he is even from. After players defeat Xanthous they can receive the Xanthous armor set.

Xanthous means?marked by yellow coloration, making sense for the reason that armor set you obtain is actually a yellow-brown color.

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